Company profile

DOLA ADANIM Ltd was established in 2017 and operates in the construction sector.
The company was established as a direct follow-up business to a family execution company that has been active for more than 30 years with classification of contractors C-4 in the construction industry 100, as well as classification of contractors for development work and piping work (C 200, C 400).
The company focuses on building offices, commercial and industrial buildings and has established impressive projects in this field for famous companies and private businessmen. The company combines managerial and engineering excellence, advanced construction
methods, uncompromised quality and service.
Asaf Dola, CEO and owner of the company, has over eight years of experience in the construction business. He supervised and managed the execution of various real estate projects in the residential, industrial and commercial sectors.
At DOLA ADANIM we take full responsibility for the management of each project and carry out projects in the most professional manner, all in full and continuous cooperation with the customers during all execution stages of the project. High quality service provision is a priority for us. At the same time we take into consideration the demands of the customers and provide solutions that fully meet their expectations. We make sure to establish a personal relationship between the customer and the company's staff, in order to ensure the success of each project and meet the timetables and budget.

To schedule a Consultation meeting leave details now and we will get back to you

To schedule a Consultation meeting,
leave details now and we will get back to you